Administrative Options


BCA offers a variety of administration styles.

  • Assisted Management
  • Co-management
  • Full management

BCA recognises that all strata title complexes are not similar. We acknowledge that if your community scheme is small or large, there is justification to examine the level of administration required and as such the commensurate level of fees charged. We are often asked to explain this concept. Quite simply in layman's terms we would describe the various modules chosen as;

With Assisted management we maintain your financial records for the sinking and administration fund. We basically merely assist by looking over your shoulder and ensuring that all the processes and procedures necessary for compliance are in place.

With Co-management we sit beside you and act in the role of a partner assisting with the compliance requirements of your community management scheme.

With full management BCA takes your obligations on our shoulders relieving the unit holders of all those requirements necessary to ensure the compliant management of the scheme.